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Celebrating our 22nd year!


raised of $150,000 goal

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Kingdom Mentoring Center, Inc. Is a 501c3 charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Supporters Perks Below, Thank You!


Summer Youth Job Training Program

Our summer youth job training programs are designed for girls and boys ages 12 - 24, to help meet the need for positive role models. Offering resources and essential life skills for self-sufficiency. Building confidence while supporting mental awareness, holistic health, spiritual development and technical training. 

This year we are raising $150,000 to support our Summer Job Training Program in partnership with Fulton County and Big Brother Anonymous an initiative of (My Brother's Keepers) Alliance. Mentees will connect and engage at the Legacy Center, with industry professionals on such topics as financial literacy, media production, tradesmanship (plumbing), fatherhood, entrepreneurship and much more...

We a appreciate your support towards a brighter future for us all.


Supporters Perks

$25 Donation

Receive 25% off Tax Preparation Discount

$50 Donation

Receive Business Credit Consultation, and 2023 KMC Newly Branded T-Shirt

$100 Donation

Receive Business & Credit Consultation, Free copy of New Book coming Summer 2023 Guide to Healing Our Boys

$250 Donation

Receive All The Above Plus a 25% Discount on Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

$500 Donation

Receive All the Above and Family Trust Consultation

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