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I Must Complete My Mission

All believers were called to Ministry and all was given a mission. In Luke 2:49, Jesus stated to the Elders and his family that he must be about his Father's business. What business was he referring to... missions, he was on a mission to save the world. Jesus, clearly understood his mission at age 12. How many of us can actually say we know our mission in life.

As a member of the body of Christ you were called to serve and you are sent to bring back those that were lost. This is an essential part of living. Jesus expressed the significance of missions in all four Gospels and in Acts. (Matt. 28:19-29; Mark 16:15; Luke 25:47; John 20:21; Acts 1:8.

Most people are seeking their purpose for life and we have a glorious opportunity and a wonderful privilege to share with them what God has in store. Everything on Earth will eventually vanish however fulfilling our mission on Earth will last forever. Start fulfilling your mission today and you will find your purpose for life.

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